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User: Pattern Surveillance Officer Jules Stewart

Location: Liverpool Corporate Strata

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Fat Peter is waiting in Berry-Berry, his last customers long since gone. He's lying face down on a table shaped like a cherry. I sit opposite him and he pulls himself up rubbing his eyes, ‘Well, did you meet him?’ He asks. I shake my head. ‘I got there too late. I’m sorry.’

  ‘Too bad,’ he says, ’but whatever happened he was expecting it. He sent me another message, which sounded like he was saying goodbye.’

  ‘What exactly did he say?’

  ‘Here, I’ll share it,’ says Fat Peter and a voice I’ve never heard before with a faint accent, Scottish perhaps, deeper than I’d expected, speaks in my ear, ‘Don’t know that we’ll  be reunited anytime soon, which I guess is fine by you. Anyway for what it’s worth I’m sorry. You were the best I ever worked with, I mean that and I did regret what happened to you, you didn’t deserve it. You’re a decent guy and I know you’ll do the right thing. If we don’t meet again just remember what I used to tell you. Remember the golden rule.’

  ‘What were the golden rules?’

  ‘Oh he had this like mantra he’d get me to chant before a game. He was into all that coach mumbo jumbo. Deep psychology shit.’

  ‘But what exactly were the rules?’

  ‘I spent so long trying to forget him and the whole thing – I’m struggling here to remember.’

  ‘Come on try harder. I think he was leaving us a message here. He wasn’t just calling to say goodbye. I don’t think he was the sentimental type.’

  ‘Ok, something like never return to the scene of the crime was one rule – it was like common for players to want to return and see what they’d done – like you want to revel in your own glory – And then bang - someone would be waiting for you.’

  ‘Come on were there more?’

  ‘The only other one I can remember is the golden rule that trumps all others, always be unpredictable.’

  ‘Ok then that’s what we should do – we should assume he followed his own rules. Come on. We need to get to Otterspool Skypark before anyone else figures this out.’



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