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User: Pattern Surveillance Officer Jules Stewart

Location: Liverpool Corporate Strata

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I walk past the queue outside Berry-Berry and as I approach the door I see Fat Peter, looking much trimmer, illuminated by the still flickering neon sign, signing autographs.

  ‘So not forgotten.’ I say,

  ‘Remembered like a long lost pal, and now with a Nettext deal, Peter Wallinski the Wilderness Years. What do you reckon?’

  I squeeze past and feel reassured by the fruit furniture and the sticky smell of the juices. A new team of waiting staff are busy serving and I notice a reserved sign at my old table at the back. As I take my seat Fat Peter comes over with a long cool cucumberry.

  ‘Too bad about the cube,’ he says as he sits down on a squidgy plum. ‘Was Dorace disappointed?’

  ‘To be honest I’m not sure how much she ever understands about what’s happening now. She knows all that happened in great detail twenty, thirty years ago but today seems more hazy. But I do know she would have let Estelle remain unfound and free to go and start her new life.’

  ‘It seems unfair that you don’t get the strata rise when you solved three cases in one, the disappearance of Estelle Fischer the accidental death of Jet Wong and the murder of Roberto. Although have you seen the reports about him in Newspulse?’

  ‘No point pursuing the innocent and the dead.’ I say ‘I really don’t think Loretta knew what she was involved in at all. Jet used her and it wouldn’t be right to see her punished for being naive. Proving Jet Wong’s part in all this would be difficult and dangerous. And if I did I’d almost certainly never get to strata twenty. That whole scandal couldn't be passed off on just one person.’

  ‘Well then better luck next time.’ Fat Peter pats my shoulder as he rises and heads off to sign more autographs in his crowded bar.

  I sip my drink and hope my next assignment will finally give me that boost. One more case, that's all I need.


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