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User: Pattern Surveillance Officer Jules Stewart

Location: Liverpool Corporate Strata

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Jet’s pacing up and down immediately in front of the elevator doors.

  ‘Well?’ she asks, as I step out. ‘I’m short of time officer – and you are too – It’s been three days. What do you have?’

  ‘As yet not a definite direction but several threads to follow.’

  Jet doesn’t budge. She stands with arms folded so I can’t progress any further into her quarters. I can see this is going to be a short meeting.

  ‘I’m following up Justin’s links with street level protestors, watching those who moan about shortages, unrest, epidemics. You were right, he’s definitely one to watch.’

  Jet, as I thought likes this and offers, ‘let me know if we need to apply pressure in any particular direction,’ nodding and smiling approvingly.

  ‘Another area is augmented reality, VR Lounges and Sensoriums, threads about dysfunctional technology.’

  At this she frowns.

  ‘Estelle liked her tech. I read that she has had several AI pets, including a puppy you once bought her.'

  'A long time ago officer. More innocent days.'

  'The point is Estelle did use these technologies and there maybe something in reports about the affects of tech on memory. It could explain why her account is corrupted, it may have affected her state of mind,’ I say. I grip the magnetic pulsar reflector in my pocket, and decide to keep this ace to myself for now.

  Jet’s eyes narrow for a fraction of a second. Concern for Estelle? Or the direction I’m heading?

  Jet’s face has returned to an unreadable mask, back under control. She reengages the network and then says, ‘the Wavertree VR Lounge and Sensorium are expecting you. They can help with whatever you need. Estelle did I believe visit there occasionally. They know all about this tech.’ She turns away from me. I’m dismissed.

  I watch her retreat to the farther end of her quarters and disappear through a door. Reluctantly I leave, this is the coolest I've felt in days, at last I can think straight. Must be great to have this temperature control.



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