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News about Jules Stewart


User: Pattern Surveillance Officer Jules Stewart

Location: Liverpool Corporate Strata

Verification Rating:

Pulling in to Pierhead Towers we pass the poor lonely Liverbird caged in by the towers and blocks of the strata extending endlessly above, a pattern of white lights in grey blocks against the night sky, illuminated walkways and the monorail's electric blue lines connect all the hubs like a diagram.  As the doors of the carriage hiss open I'm swept onto the monorail platform. The network voice cuts through my personal soundtrack reciting the stations all the way from here to Dingle Rise. Two in the morning and the corridors and walkways are flooded with light and streaming with people. A short man in a red vest, face glistening with sweat, his focus on the network, barges past me coming onto the platform, 'Watch it,' I call after him, momentarily noting his net-ident that flashes into my field of vision. I blink it closed. He’s going to hurt someone going against the flow like that, but tonight I’m off duty and out celebrating, someone else can deal with him. The Lime St Stalker is in custody and I’m topping the strata 19 board. One more case is all I need.

  Of course I couldn’t have done it without you. All of your memories held in the store led me step by step to see the true pattern of events. Remember, the more we share the safer we are. Our collective memory reveals exactly what’s going on in this city.

  I've left Dorace dozing and, to be honest, I’d rather head straight to my cube, no sleep for the last forty-eight, and in this heat. But I'd better at least be tagged in a bar. The news is out and the heroine should finish with a victory drink not alone in her sleep sack. I need to keep my ratings up if Dorace and I are ever going to make it to strata 20.

  The walkway over to Lime St Interchange is clogged up, the crowd at a standstill. I lean against the window, so tired. Beyond the glass, yellow lights from piers and watercraft project shimmering paths on the dark choppy surface of the river in between the tankers that are lined up to enter the super port. The waterfront at street level far below is lost in darkness. Who knows what’s going on down there on the ground, it’s out of my jurisdiction – so who cares.  Folk are shuffling forward and Berry-Berry is beckoning, last year's place to be but at least you're guaranteed to get a seat there and Fat Peter's concoctions always hit the spot. Just one. Then we’ll see what the night brings ...



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